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Complaints Procedure at Millrace Nursing Home


Complaints-ProcedureMillrace Nursing Home strives to provide a high quality service to all residents. There is a structured process for receiving and acting upon comments, compliments and complaints. This process is open, honest and strictly confidential and we would urge you to direct your comments to the Nurse in Charge or the Person in Charge. The Team at Millrace Nursing Home has an open transparent manner on dealing with all complaints and we view them as an opportunity to enhance and improve our services and the manner in which we deliverer it.

Millrace Nursing Home is interested in each resident’s feedback to ensure our service is reviewed and improved in line with best practice and client choice. There are a number of ways resident’s can share their views:

  • Speak to the Person in Charge

  • Complete a comments card and place in the box located in the foyer.

  • All residents will be offered to complete a questionnaire every 6 months. Residents are given the opportunity to complete the questionnaire on departure.

  • Nominate a friend, member of family or advocate, to act on the resident’s behalf.

All Complaint procedures at Millrace Nursing Home will be in accordance with Health Act 2007(Care and Welfare of residents in designated centres for older people) Section 39. Our complaints procedures will commence on receipt of a complaint (written or verbal). The Person in Charge will investigate the complaint and will ensure that all information and feedback is provided for the complainant within a given time frame. If the complainant is not happy with the investigation outcomes then the complaint can be escalated onto a third party.

Any suggestion, comment or complaint will be seen as a method of improving our service and the service we provide to our residents so feel free to contact us if there is anything on your mind: