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Millrace Nursing Home Care Service

Millrace Nursing Home Care Service

Admission to the nursing home:

Millrace Nursing Home will care for individuals requiring long term or short term care. The decision to move into a nursing home, especially long term can be a difficult decision and we believe in offering as much information, support and time as required for each individual. We encourage visits to the home, giving the opportunity to sample the atmosphere, meet residents and staff and gain a better understanding of what the nursing home can offer. If it is difficult for a potential client to visit the nursing home, we can arrange for the Person in Charge to visit the client in their home.

Admissions to the nursing home are normally arranged by appointment following a pre-admission assessment of needs. We understand that very occasionally, where there is no alternative available, emergency admissions are necessary to promote the safety of the client. In this case, the admission procedures will normally commence from arrival, with the client’s agreement and we ensure the new resident is informed of the key aspects of the services being provided and introduced to the Person in Charge and staff members. A full assessment and development of care plans will be completed within 48 hours of admission.

There will be an initial period of one month for all parties to ensure the resident is happy and the nursing home is meeting their needs and expectations. Within this time the Person in Charge will meet with the resident and family to ensure any initial problems/difficulties are dealt with.

On admission there will be documentation to be completed which includes a full nursing assessment and care plan. This will be developed with the participation of the client within 48 hours of admission. The residents’ personal care needs and preferences will be set out to provide direction to staff members involved in providing the care. A review of the care plan will be carried out with the resident and any changes updated, no less frequently than at 3 monthly intervals. We will communicate to the resident in advance, notifying them of the review and set a mutually convenient date and time to complete the review process.

Care is provided for residents, male and female from the age of 18 years, requiring long and short term care. We provide 24 hour care for resident’s with general nursing needs. We are able to care for those with specific care needs following a comprehensive assessment and agreement that we would be a suitable nursing home to meet specialist requirements and dependency level. We welcome in caring for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

We are suitable for convalescence after a hospital stay, offering support with the transition between hospital and home.

Descriptions of dependency levels as used by HIQA in their ‘Annual Return for Providers of Designated Centres: Residential Care Centres for Older People’:

Low dependency

This category refers to people who need some support in the community and the more independent residents in residential accommodation who require little nursing care. They are usually independently mobile but may use a walking stick and have difficulty managing stairs.

Medium dependency

Person whose independence is impaired to the extent that he/she requires residential care because the appropriate support and nursing care required by the person cannot be provided by the community. Mobility is impaired to the extent that the person requires supervision or a walking aid.

High/Maximum dependency

Person whose independence is impaired to the extent that he/she requires nursing care. The person is likely to be bed bound, requires assistance with all aspects of physical care and may be ambulant but confused, disturbed and incontinent.

Source: Annual Survey of Long Stay Unity (Department of Health & Children 2006)

Contract of Care

The resident or their next of kin is expected to sign a contract of care which ensures they have a legally binding assurance of high quality care standards and that they have understanding and acknowledgement of the terms and conditions. The contract will be offered if possible prior to admission or within one week of admission and should be returned within two weeks of admission.

A copy of the contract will be provided to each client/relative/representative on signing.

When the resident/relative/representative cannot or will not sign the contract, a record of this event is retained in the resident’s case file.

The Contract of Care will be offered to all residents which include the following terms:

  • The room/bed occupied
  • The care and service covered by the fee
  • Additional charges to be paid for services not included in the fee
  • The fees payable
  • Who pays the fee i.e. the resident/representative/HSE/other
  • The rights, obligations and liability of the registered provider
  • The rights, obligations and liability of the resident/representative
  • Terms and conditions relating to period of occupancy
  • The period of notice
  • The circumstances under which the resident can be discharged and contract terminated
  • Procedure for Emergency admissions and their access to an independent advocate

Day Care

Within the nursing home we can accommodate one person of low dependency on day care 9.30-6pm without impacting on resources and staffing levels. If further day care spaces are required this will be reviewed with regards to space and staffing levels. Additional staff will be arranged so that no strain will be put on existing staffing levels.